Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting

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Whitewater Rafting in the Poconos

If you are looking for some of the best whitewater rafting trips then the world-famous Lehigh River Gorge in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains should be on your list of rivers to raft!

Whitewater Rafting on the Lehigh River in the Poconos.

Whitewater rafting is a challenging recreational outdoor activity of using an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water and is usually done on white water or different degrees of rough waters, in order to thrill and excite the raft passengers. It is considered an extreme sport, as it can be dangerous if not done with experienced whitewater rafters or guides.

Grades of whitewater river rafting

If you are looking for some additional information on how rivers are rated here is a quick overview to help you determine which river to select.

International Scale of River Difficulty

Below are the six grades of difficulty in whitewater rafting. They range from simple to very dangerous.

Grade 1: Very small rough areas, might require slight maneuvering. (Skill level: very basic)

Grade 2: Some rough water, maybe some rocks, might require some maneuvering. (Skill level: basic paddling skill)

Grade 3: Whitewater, small waves, maybe a small drop, but no considerable danger. May require significant maneuvering. (Skill level: experienced paddling skills)

Grade 4: Whitewater, medium waves, maybe rocks, maybe a considerable drop, sharp maneuvers may be needed. (Skill level: whitewater experience)

Grade 5: Whitewater, large waves, large volume, possibility of large rocks and hazards, possibility of a large drop, requires precise maneuvering. (Skill level: advanced whitewater experience)

Grade 6: Class 6 rapids are considered to be so dangerous that they are effectively unnavigable on a reliably safe basis. Rafters can expect to encounter substantial whitewater, huge waves, huge rocks and hazards, and/or substantial drops that will impart severe impacts beyond the structural capacities and impact ratings of almost all rafting equipment. Traversing a Class 6 rapid has a dramatically increased likelihood of ending in serious injury or death compared to lesser classes. (Skill level: successful completion of a Class 6 rapid without serious injury or death is widely considered to be a matter of great luck or extreme skill and is considered by some as a suicidal venture)

Due to this the overall risk level on a rafting trip with experienced guides and using proper precautions the rate of injury is low and thousands of people safely enjoy raft trips every year. Your safety is our TOP priority at all times!

At Poconos Whitewater our experts are here to make your whitewater rafting trip the best experience ever! We have the very best whitewater rafting guides that love what they do and know how to provide you with a safe and fun adventure.

If you are vacationing in the Poconos or have always wanted to go whitewater rafting in the Poconos, Poconos Whitewater will provide you with the ultimate activity during your Poconos vacation. Rafting Trips are available daily & Whitewater Dam Release Dates and other information about whitewater rafting can be found on our website. If you have special requsts, or want to learn more about the activities and adventures yo ucan experience with us please give us a call now.

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