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Your adventure and experience doesnʼt have to end with your white water rafting trip!  River Outfitters are looking for friendly, fun and adventurous people.  Well, except in the dead of winter – that’s when they will be skiing, snowboarding, or playing paintball but you can still apply.

Imagine, everyday of the summer spent whitewater rafting or kayaking a river. If you have full time jobs during the week – no worries – the busiest rafting days are on the weekend so youʼll always have plenty of opportunities to work!

Youʼll meet awesome people, make awesome memories, learn life long skills, and get some sweet tan lines.  On some rivers, like the Lehigh River in Pennsylvania, guide training is free and your CPR and First Aid training is available on site for a minimal fee.  Equipment is also included and discounts are available to purchase your own.


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