Whitewater Rafting

Rafting For Beginners

Whitewater Rafting can be a great outdoor experience. Not to mention a great work out. However, if you’re new to the sport we suggest that you start, well, at the beginning.  Below you will find the basic classifications for rivers that we would suggest for the soon to be rafting enthusiast. Remember the higher the class of whitewater the harder the river!

CLASS I  The Easiest*

This type of trip is classified with anything from tiny riffles to small waves and no difficult maneuvers or significant obstacles. Great for small children or people who might be intimidated by moving water.


Trips of this nature are easy to run with small waves and easy to make maneuvers. Children as young as 4 routinely take trips in this range. Unlike Class 1 the rapids will get you wet most of the time and you do need to pay attention when in the whitewater. A fun, wet, and peaceful ride for all party members.

CLASS III Medium Difficulty*

This is the real first step up in the whitewater rafting world. These rapids can have lots of waves of varying strengths. You also need to watch out for other obstacles like large and small rocks, bridge abutments, and other debris. These trips are really only for the adventurous beginner and tend to have age limits of around 10 years old. Most channels are clear but do require maneuvering of the raft. Some prior boating experience is suggested although not required.

*It should be kept in mind that river difficulty can change with river levels. If you have any questions about the difficulty of the trip, specific trip restrictions, age, or physical ability limits please contact one of our rafting partners directly. As limits and restrictions can vary from outfitter to outfitter and trip to trip.