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Pocono Whitewater Rafting

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Whitewater Rafting in the Poconos

There is many reasons to choose the Poconos for your whitewater adventure; like taking on the action packed Lehigh River Gorge, or just enjoying a scenic day on the river with your friends or family. Right now you can take part in family style whitewater rafting; perfect for beginners, groups, scouts, and children ages 4 and up. If you are looking to enjoy some of the best whitewater rafting in the Poconos then give us a call. Our whitewater rating tour guides will make sure you have a safe, awesome adventure.

The Pocono Mountains is the vacation destination for those looking for resorts, restaurants, and things to do in the outdoors. And whitewater rafting is amongst the favorites of many outdoor activity lovers. We invite you to join us for a day of whitewater rafting, or the very best paintball games on the east coast, so bring your family and friends and as you will surely want to share the experience with them!

Pocono Whitewater Rafting

From dam release whitewater rafting, to family style, and even specialty trips, we have a whitewater rafting experience for everyone. Pocono Whitewater Rafting is known to be some of the best whitewater rafting is the country, and we can say that we will make your next whitewater trip with us an incredible one.

Who would enjoy whitewater rafting in the Poconos? Well if you’re an outdoors person, and like an adventure, YOU!

At WhitewaterRafting.com we help pair your group up with a river experience that best fits your comfort level, and interest. Your fun and appreciation for the amazing whitewater rafting trips you will join us for is our top concern, and our company loves what we do, and it shows!

You will find when you join us for an adventure we have something for everyone. Some people love the challenges of the rapids, while others want to spend lazy day’s floating down the river, and taking in the scenery. This is why our river guides are the go-to resource for everything related to river rafting, and this is why we want to hear from you if you’re looking for a whitewater river guide, or experience here in the Poconos!

When you are searching for the best whitewater outfit on the East Coast (and quite frankly, the world!) there is no better place to come visit then Pocono whitewater.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to contact us at: moc.gnitfarretawetihw@ofni OR by calling 1-800-WHITEWATER (1-800-944-8392).