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Wilderness Ventures

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Wilderness Ventures

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As experienced directors, but especially as parents we understand the wide range of emotions one feels when they are about to send their son or daughter off for an adventure to a far away place. We are excited about their becoming independent, more responsible and successful but we also have concerns about their safety, the qualifications of their leaders, the compatibility of their group, and the wholesomeness of their fellow trip members.


We pledge to you that we will plan you son or daughter’s trip, prepare their leaders, and select their trip-mates with the same thoughtfulness and care that we provided for our own sons.


Finally, we believe that the Wilderness Ventures experience is truly exceptional. Because our programs are such a significant investment in your daughter’s or son’s future, we have taken great care in preparing this thorough catalog. We invite you to discover Wilderness Ventures and we are hopeful that you and your son or daughter will be able to share with us the value of our life’s work through an experience with us this summer.